Tuesday, 22 March 2011


For one of my classes, I had to write a blog on inspiration and who inspires me in my life. I thought I would include it in my regular blog...

Inspiration is a complex word with a lot of different connotations to it. To inspire. To inspire someone? A group? A moment? To be an inspiration? Which is it?

 I have always associated inspiration with an idea. But it has always been the motivation to act on that inspiration that has been the tough part for me. I don’t know if it is the fear of rejection, or the fear of the unknown, but at times in the past I have had a hard time just going for it.

 I also associate inspiration with someone you look up to. But for me, I have never really looked up to anyone in particular. Not to sound pessimistic, but in my experience, the more faith you put into one person, the more you are setting yourself up for disappointment. That is why in my life, I have taken bits and pieces of inspiring characteristics from different people that have been influential in my life.

My father. My father and I have never seen eye to eye on most occasions and have had some trouble finding common ground ; however, his thirst for knowledge and his ability to never give up have always been traits I have always admired and taken on myself.

My mother. Her ability to always be kind, warm and giving has always attracted many friends. My friends in particular have always commented on how great she is and how much they love her, something they also do for my brother. My brother has had a better ability to absorb some of that likeability factor, but I have garnered more of the work ethic which we both have agreed on. Not to say I am not kind, warm and giving, but his goal is to please everyone and have everyone like him, which is something I am more realistic about.

My two best friends, both opposites, have provided me with the extensions of my character. On one hand, my one best friend for the past 11 years has provided me with laughter. She is always there for me and when I am with her, we lose ourselves in a crazy world of randomness. She is a true inspiration to me on a character level.

On the other hand, my other best friend has provided the most inspiration in recent memory. Having completed his degree in Europe three years ago, he has worked in sports marketing, as an event manager for a corporate team-building company, an accreditation coordinator for the Vancouver Olympics, an operations manager for the Vancouver Christmas Market and is now in London working at an accreditation manager for the London 2012 Olympics. His motivation, drive and determination are extraordinary. I strive to compete with him on every level because I view him as my equal. We are constantly in competition, but are best friends at the same time. He has almost four years on me in age at 28, but we push each other to achieve greatness in everything we do.

How do you measure inspiration, or even greatness? After hearing Robert Herjavec speak today and hear him talk about how being rounded in order to succeed is completely wrong, rather it is more important to be great at one thing, I wonder how much inspiration matters if you don’t act on that inspired feeling. If everyone around me constantly inspires me, does that mean I am just not proactive enough? Am I doing so little that people and actions are inspiring me because I am not doing or have not done the same?

Because I don’t find one single person completely inspiring, and often there are piece here and there that are inspiring to me, I would rather say that everyday I am constantly empowered by the people I surround myself with. In my mind, being inspired has been done to me, not being the one doing it; whereas, being empowered is both. I have been empowered by my father, my mother, and my two best friends through their inspiration. I am constantly empowered by them to do better, to be better, to always strive to succeed and to push for more. They empower me to never give up, to never surrender, always believe in my skills, and to always remain hopeful for the future.

Now doesn’t that sound a lot better?

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