Monday, 21 March 2011

My First Post!

Yes, I know every day people tell me I should be a model, agents hand their cards to me as I walk down the street, but what about when my looks fade? I'm trying to make an impression on the world here and end world hunger, and I think in my blog you will find the answer. Thought provoking ideas and a little comedy is my goal not just to entertain, but to enlighten and maybe spark a bit of interest. I am not saying I am any sort of expert, but I think putting pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, can be quite relaxing. I never believed anyone who said writing was “profoundly uplifting,” or “it just sort of works out all the kinks in your life.” But to be honest, I have been thinking about a lot of things for a long time now and never realized how great it can be if you do it right. Taking advantage of your thought process and constructing arguments, connecting thought to topic, topic to thought, thought to big conclusion, can not only bring about a sense of excitement, but also reveal to others that you aren't just a pretty/handsome face. What about prospective employers? A resume is just a piece of paper, but a blog adds that much needed personality to your rather serious and formal resume!

Don’t get me wrong, I tried the diary thing. When I was younger I had this big, yellow coat that enveloped me and I carried a notebook around with me at all times, and everyone thought I was weird.  My journal (like the typical one in all of those 80’s movies) had tons of means things about my friends Sport and Janie and classmates. When that female dog stole my black and white speckled PRIVATE journal and used it to turn my friends against me, I sort of discovered a personal diary wasn't the best thing. Wait, was that me? Was I a spy...named Harriet?

 In any event, enjoy my blog, laugh, cry, hate it, love it, whatever you want. At the least I hope it creates some sort of reaction and of course, I welcome any comments.

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